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This series of books cover different parts of my career.

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Elements Australia 2018

"Carson Zullinger has always excelled at storytelling through the body. However, he seems to be exploring the notion that the best stories come from characterization of the whole scene and all its constituent players. His figures work equally as well as co-stars alongside the rich environments he drapes, layers and folds around the body. His relationships then take center stage and the complexity of spaces, forms and textures become something entirely left to chance."

Ryan Grover, Sewell C. Biggs Curator of American Art

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Dream Meditations 2013-2020

This group of images spanning 7 years shows a snapshot of work that I have produced in the studio, location, and underwater. It is not a complete portfolio of work during this period and it does not include images created during 4 sojourns to Zoefest. There is a consistency of vision during this time. I revisited concepts and techniques that I have been exploring for decades. Reinterpreting themes that I have worked on previously allowed me to add recent life experiences to the conversation.  I still am interested in exploring my dreams and the subconscious, and figuring out how to interpret them. Exploring our shared spiritual journey, and how to make sense in art making has always been an energizing experience. I have been drawn to using images of the human body in art since my childhood. Howard Pyle’s last painting, The Mermaid, is the first painting I can remember seeing. I learned early in my life to be active in my dreams, to control the narrative of the dreams I experienced. The human bodies I depict in my waking life are often a continuation of the stories I experienced in dreams.

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Hanalei Dream

"Throughout his over forty years as a photographer, Carson Zullinger has remained fascinated by the nude figure and it's potential to convey the complexity of human existence. The both stark and subtle juxtapositions he establishes within his compositions reveal the natural tensions that exist on both the microscopic and universal levels. In some photographs, the curve of a woman’s arm mirrors the gnarly roots of a banyan tree while in others, the solid nude is an obstacle around which the gentle molecules of water slide. It is in either scenario that Zullinger captures the richly symbiotic relationship between the figure and the land."  Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art, Delaware Art Museum

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The Line of Beauty

A 40 year retrospective of Carson Zullinger's art curated by Ryan Grover, Curator, the Biggs Museum of Art.
This exhibit was supported by the Masters Artist Fellowship awarded to Zullinger by the State of Delaware.

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