Summer in Winter

Memories of Summer Warmth and Beauty in Winter

Patt Panzer

Memories of Summer in Winter 2023

Native bee drinks from a well-used Celeste Kelly ceramic garden art bird bathTandem pair of Green Darner dragonflies, Mt Cuba Center pondMonarch butterfly visits Symphyotrichum novae-angliae New England aster flowersMale Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly, Mt Cuba Center pondFemale Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly visits Franklinia alatamaha tree flower, Mt Cuba CenterSkipper butterfly visits Conoelinium coelestinum blue mistflower bloomsRuby throated hummingbird visits ‘Miss Manners’ Physostegia virginiana obedient plant flowerTandem pair of Autumn meadowhawk dragonflies, Mt Cuba Center pondpondBumble bee pollinator visits pink cultivar of native hibiscus moscheutos flowerFemale Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly visits Echinacea purpurea purple cone flowerFemale eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly visits Clethra alnifolia sweet pepperbush flowerFemale ruby throated hummingbird visits the first bloom of Aesculus parviflora Bottle Brush buckeye shrub

Carson Zullinger

A series of images produced in the summer, 2023
Anoush Anou in Patt's gardenHer Stillness Dances at the secret gardenHer Stillness Dances at the secret gardenHer Stillness Dances at Lumen StudioLucy in the woodsLucyLucy in the woodsLucyHer Stillness DancesAnoush Anou in Patt's GardenAnoush Anou in Lumen StudioHer Stillness Dances